Aa - na - dev means the person without any Goodness but considered as a God or Goddess and worshiped as like God are called Aandev (Virtual Gods and Godesses). Shri Kabirji was the first person to use word "Aandev " because the Brahmin (selfish preachers/priests) community was misguiding and exploiting the entire society by explaining self made stories of Gods and Goddesses. Actually there were no existence of such stories in any of the Indian spiritual, religion or cultural scriptures, even though they were misguiding the entire society. God (Dev) means who are Omi Present, Omni potent and Omi Power are called God (Dev). Shri Kabirji and Shri Jivanji accepted only two name of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. They told us to follow it. But their Ram and Krishna are not that which entire world knows, their Ram and Krishna are different.