There is no necessity of worshiping or homaging various Gods and Godesses. We doesn't need of temples and holy fire in it (for details see Article - Spiritulasim)

UDA : - Sadguru Shri Jivanji Maharaj has given and identity of Uda to his followers. UDA means those who arise and awake from THE DARKNESS OF IMMORAL TRADITIONS, customs and the exploitations with the medium of spirituality and worshipping.

Ramanandi sampradaya ma, Uda Jivandas I

Kul karm karni tyaji, kari Ramcharan ki ash II 1 II

Udit dharm Uda tano, nahi Aandev prasang I

Samran Sita Ram ko, vali sant sangat nishank II 2 II


mean to say in Ramanandism (Ramanandji was the Guru of Shri Kabirji lived in Kashi) Shri Jivanji Maharaj accepted the worship of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna by eliminating/boycotting KARMAKAND (The section of Vedas dealing with rites and ceremonies in a sacrificial fire) In the liberal seat of Uda Bhakta there is no worship of Aandev (Virtual Gods and Goddesses ) In association with all Uda Bhaktas everybody worship the Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.