The origin of prime thoughts presented by Sadguru Shree Kabirji and Sadguru Shree Jivanji Maharaj was "The Art of living the life". Our foresighted Sadgurus has given top priority to human life. According to their thoughts every human regardless of belonging to either higher society or family or low society or family has birth - right to live his life happily and prestigiously. They insist to live strife-less and independent life for everyone. Hence they guide us through their sakhies and Bhajans (Spiritual poems) Sadguru Shree Jivanji Maharaj

implement all his belief practically in his life. Those who convince with his logic and philosophy become his follower and known as "UDA". The identity given by Sadguru Shree Jivanji Maharaj to his disciples.


"Janam safal kar Jivana, bhaj Sitapati ko naam"
IJyot swaroop Vede kahyo, pan saryo na eko kaam II 1 II
Sant sangat mali Jivana, gaeye gun our geet I Raab roti mali paeye, Parameshwar ki preet II 2 II
Sant sangat mali Jivana, pije prem nipunj I Je ras pino Gowalani, Shri Vrundavan ki kunj II 3 II
Kushal tuj parivaar, ashirvachan amatano I Shyamal varn sujan, jachak bhanato Jivano II 4 Il
Mean to say that ;O Human, succeed your human birth by worshiping the name of lord shri Ram and Lord Shri Krishna. Doesn't confuse your self with scripture of Ved and Puran. No one has overcome by it so associate yourself with saint like uda bhakts and worship the song and nature of Lord Shri Ram and Lord Shri Krishna.

Enjoy the diet of Bread & Butter (Daal) in association of UDA BHAKTAS under affection of Lord.
In Association of saints enjoy and achieve the essence of affection (love) and you will realise the joy gained by the cowboys and cowgirls (Gowal & Gowalani) of Gokul the land of Lord krishna.



'Oh' Bhakta ! I bless you for the best of your health, wealth and spirit. Recognise Lord Ram and Lord Krishna and worship them who are the protector of our family.
For such Uda Bhaktas Jivanji Maharaj says
"Moral behaviour is SUPREME DUTY (religion)"

Jivanji maharaj addresses such moral behavioured UDA BHAKTA that the causes of agony in the life are illusion and ignorance. Jivanji Maharaj says in Samagam that, "Pratham Vishnu Bhagat ne joge Maya Brahm no moto bhel che, tene joge aa Brahmand chavayu che, to atma paar kem pame" means for the Devotees of Lord Vishnu there is a great conjunction of illusion and Lord, which has covered whole universe so how soul can over come from these Virtuallity, The human is confused within various religions and sectisms, After this Virtual belief of various worships, homage and vows. He spoils the valuable energy, time, money and even his life. Worshiping "Aandev" (Virtual Gods or Godesses) Ultimately people are afflicted. If there any way to free from these captivity ? Yes there is ! in the book of Samagam he described in detail and says "Vadi Atma paar kem pame " means how to relieve the soul. Jivanji Maharaj himself live his life practically and set an example of living meaningful life and that is "The Art of Living the Life."