Sadgure Shree Kabirji Was Very popular for his spiritual and Relegious true and transperant preach into the comman men hence, he Was very much hated into the Brahmins in and around Kashi (Banaras/Varanasi). Hance a known Yogi and Tapasvi Gorakhnath bava gat agitated and challange Kabirji. Once he reached in front of Kabirji’s cottage and sat over the trishul and challange Kabirji and clain for his achivement for this Yoga. As usual Kabirji was weaving the cloth in his cottage came out with curiocity and saw Gorakhnath sitting on the strong solid Trishul. Now it was Kabirji’s turn to recitrocate but he was Saint Kabirji, very politly he brought a thread reel and needle and pray to Lord Ram that God if my devotion, faith and worship is better than the Tap and Yoga of Shri Gorakhnath please lat me allow to sit on this needle supported by the thin thread at the more height than the trishul. Amazingly by the grace of the God it happened. Gorakhnath enlighted and realise the power of devotion and simple worship of Lord Ram. He apologise and request Kabirji to forgive him by accepting him us a disple. Kabirji bless him and told to take re-birth.

In next birth Gorakhnath born in the Royal family of Jaisalmer where he was known as prince Chatursinh. But he forget his past birth incident and purpose of Current birth. But at the time of marriage when God (Brahmin Prisat) speak “Savdhan” (alert) three times he was inlighted and flashed back to his past birth. He realise that his principle aims of the existing birth is to search of Lord Ram. He run away from the merriage ceremony and from his kingdom too. Now he was very much desparate to search Lord Ram from efficient Guru. During this search he meet a Saint known as Khojiji. Chatursinh become the deciple of Khojiji. Once Chatursinh was urining under a huge banyan tree, there he saw a seed of banyan tree was drawing away in the urine. Khojaji also noticed these. Both smiled and questioned each other that a ceed is drawn in little urine but when it gross up in to a huge banyan tree even of a heavy rain fall or its flood can not moove it a little. Both remain un answered and decided mutually that who ever will give the satisfactory. Conclusion will be Guru (Preceptor) for both of us. Again Chatursinh begin his journey to search and efficient Guru (Preceptor)

Thus how he reache to Gujarat in such of any efficient Guru who can show him Ram. Once Kabirji reach Gujarat during his pilgrim. When un anxious and desprate Chatursinh neet Kabirji he gate the solution of the question arised under banyan tree. Hence he become very imotional. He could not differentiate Ram and Kabir. He asked Kabirji that “Baba who are you ? Externally I see you as Kabir but I view and feel Lord Ram. Inside you. Kabirji says

Ram Ram japte japte I Kabir ho gaya Ram II

Kabir Kabir kahate kahate I Ram Kabir ban gaye II1II

Man mera nirmal bhaya I jaise chokkha II

peeche peeche hari phirat I kahat kabir kabir II2II

Kahat Ram Kabira ek hai I chinhe virla koy II

Antar tati kapataki I tathe dise doy II3II

Kabir Ramkabir ek hai I kahana sunane ko dou II

Do kari te janasi I jake sadguru mila na koe II4II

Viewing of Lord Ram in the Kabirjis body he very instinctly spoke “RAMKABIR”. Now be was fully enlighted and remember the incident of past birth means to say that he got “gyan”

Batak beej ki mandame I Atak gaya man dheer II

Jan Gyani ka sansa meeta I Sadguru mile kabir II5II

He was known as te Gyeniji maharaj. He founded the Ramkabir tradition in Gujarat. This is the story how Ramkabir come in the existance. Here is teh tree of Ramkabir tradition. 1) Shree Gyaniji Maharaj (the Founder) 2) Shree Sukhji Maharaj 3) Shree Gopaldasji Maharaj and 4) Sadguru Shree Jivanji Maharag. Shree Jivanji Maharaj reformed the entire tradition by establishing the ideology in the life and found the Uda Bhakta Ramkabir Parampara (tradition)