Our Historical Places

This holy place is situated on the bank of river Rangai in Baroda District. Sadguru Shree Jivanjimaharaj was migrated to Puniyad from Sahapura and spent last days of his life here. His funeral was performed here and that holy place is known as "WADI", where Sadguru Shree Jivanjimaharaj used and scriptures he wrote are preserved here with the great honour. Still their heirs are staying here and serving the Uda Society very gently. 

This holy place is situated on the bank of river Thathar in Baroda District,. ofcourse the village is very small but it is very beautiful. This place was the most favourite place of Shri Jivanji Maharaj. He passed the major part of his life here. Before meeting Guru Gopaldas he meet SAINT Gopaldas here. Both of their hearts were deeply tuned, though he decided to stay here. Hence he returned here in the year 1632 with some disciples like SHISHYA Gopaldas, Santdas, Kalyandas, Narandas khatri etc. In the same year on the day of Sharad Poonam he established (formed) Uda Bhakta Ramkabir tradition though this village keep great importance for us. Finally he left Shahapura about with two year 1672 and outraged to Puniyad.

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