Padatharo is the one of the great revolutionary substitution of the temple, Mosque, Church or any worshiping monuments. Normally the cost of the construction for the any religious place ultimately is bear by the society, Even the wear and tear of the monument as well as the nourishment of the Sadhu, Sages, Mendicants or the Priest residing there are rely on common man of the society. In Uda society there is no such tradition of the direct indirect exploitation of the common ma.

Hence are forsighted Sadguru Shree Jivanji Marahaj has presented us the tradition of "PADATHARA". As per the sermon of Jivanji Maharaj at least one Padathara should be formed per village in case of big city It should be formed in zone. Normally an efficient person of respective village or zone are given responsibility to be a representative of that respective Padathara. This is a place mean the house (home) of that representative without any extra facility some social, cultural & religion occasions as like offering (presenting) a TULSIMALA (Kanthi) to a new born baby in the family of Uda Bhakts, simple celebration of occasion of our tradition in the gathering local resident (occasion like RAMNAVMI, JANAMASHTAMI SAMA PANCHAM etc.) every local family will bring prasad of "SUKHADI" (a sweet made of Wheat flour, Jaggery and Ghee). They sing some occasional spiritual poems. Finally the PRASAD of all Bhakta are mixed and distributed equally in all. The Padathara representative has to provide the place, carpet and water only. none else. There is no financial burden on him to perform the role of Padatharas Bhakta. But he is not called the Guru (Momentous) inspite of offering KANTHI and place for celebrating the event. He do all acts behalf of Sadguru Shri Kabirji. Even Sadguru Shree Jivanji Maharaj has not claim for these post. He address himself as a Vaishnav Jivandas and all disciple as the Baal Gopal (A Child Lord Krishna) mean their son & daughters.

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Biography of Jivanji Maharaj

Ramanandacharya had travelled all over India and propagated the principles and philosophy acquired through his Guru tradition. His disciples are also distributed through out this country . Ramanandacharya had got good reputation among the saints and religious leaders of his time by his devotion and out standing intellectual capacity. It was not so easy to become his disciple. Many people were eager to get his kindness and to establish him as their Guru. Today Ramanand-Sect is divided into many branches and sub-branches through out India . Ramanand had many disciples from different castes . Ramanand had never promoted casteism.

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Evolution of Ramkabir

Sadgure Shree Kabirji Was Very popular for his spiritual and Relegious true and transperant preach into the comman men hence, he Was very much hated into the Brahmins in and around Kashi (Banaras/Varanasi). Hance a known Yogi and Tapasvi Gorakhnath bava gat agitated and challange Kabirji. Once he reached in front of Kabirji’s cottage and sat over the trishul and challange Kabirji and clain for his achivement for this Yoga. As usual Kabirji was weaving the cloth in his cottage came out with curiocity and saw Gorakhnath sitting on the strong solid Trishul. Now it was Kabirji’s turn to recitrocate but he was Saint Kabirji, very politly he brought a thread reel and needle and pray to Lord Ram that God if my devotion, faith and worship is better than the Tap and Yoga of Shri Gorakhnath please lat me allow to sit on this needle supported by the thin thread at the more height than the trishul. Amazingly by the grace of the God it happened. Gorakhnath enlighted and realise the power of devotion and simple worship of Lord Ram. He apologise and request Kabirji to forgive him by accepting him us a disple. Kabirji bless him and told to take re-birth.

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Ram Kabir

RAMKABIR is the word first spoken by Sadguru Shri Ganyiiji Maharaj at kabirvad, near Bharuch District Gujarat, India. Whe he saw kabirji at this place Ganyiji spoke Auo baba who are you? he continued People tell you as kabir-kabir, but why I can see Lord Ram in you? Kabirji answered

mane mera nirmal bhaya jaise chokho nir
piche piche hari firte khat kabir kabir.

he continued "Auo you really recognized Ram!

Social Constitutional Structure

Those who have gathered under effect of Sadguru Shree Jivanji maharaj are known as "UDA" Uda Bhakta society is the great combination of different castes and creeds of different region of India. The person who have convinced with the logic and philosophy of Sadguru Shri Jivanji Maharaj have left their religion, society culture, family and native and followed him. They all have gathered under a roof of new revolutionary civilized culture.
Narandas Khatri was a merchant of Bareli city of Uttar Pradesh, later settle down at Puniyad. The existing families of Puniyad and some other villages are the heir of Narandas Khatri. Another follower Shri Gopaldasji was Marvadi and belonging to Chanderia Village of Rajasthan finally settle down at Kasampur (originally ORI GORI)

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